Free Online Scoreboard

A scoreboard is a physical and/or electronic board that displays the score of a game (either in general or for two opposing teams). It's commonly seen in sporting events, such as hockey games, football games, and basketball games. They are also common in video games. With scoreboards, players can constantly see how they rank against their friends and even against strangers. It also serves as a competitive element of the game to make players want to play more.

An online scoreboard is an ideal tool for soccer, tennis, basketball, and many other sports/games as well. It can also be used for business purposes like competitions or even for measuring the success of marketing campaigns.

Some benefits of scoreboards include:

- Allows for tracking the progress of a game/sport.

- Helps to consolidate necessary information in one place.

- Easily accessible by all team members.

- Publicly available for evaluation and transparency.