== Infix to postfix conversion (step by step) ==

Infix notation expressions are similar to postfix notation expressions in the sense that they both have a prefix and infix expression. However, infix notation expressions are typically written left to right and postfix notation expressions are typically written right to left.

Postfix notation expressions can be grouped into three types: prefix free, base form with a single infix expression, and base form with two or more infix expressions.

The most common use case for infix notation expressions is shifting the precedence of operands. This allows for easier reading because some of the operators will appear at the end of their operands when they should be at the beginning or vice versa.


This converter can generate postfix notation expressions. In postfix notation, the expression a+(b*c) is abc*+. You will see a step-by-step animation of the conversion.

You can change the infix notation and see the result.

Prefix notation

You can try different infix notations to see what happens.

Postfix form (output):