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Weather forecasting is the process of predicting weather conditions over a period of time. Weather forecasts are primarily used by businesses, governments, media, and private individuals as an economic and practical decision-making tool to help protect people, money, property, and equipment.

Weather forecasting became more accurate in the 20th century through the development of computers. Computers have made numerical models of weather forecasting much easier to predict than before when observation was limited to human sensory capabilities.

Weather forecasts are used by humans to predict what will happen in the future. They are used to prepare for events such as if one needs to take an umbrella with them or where they need to go at a certain time of day when it rains heavily.

Weather forecasting has been around for thousands of years but has seen significant developments in recent times due to advancements in technology.

Weather is a natural phenomenon that can be observed at different levels - the weather can affect people, the environment, and the ecosystem.


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