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What is an Area Converter?

Area converters are used to convert units defined by area, such as square meter (m²), square kilometer (km²), acres, and hectares.

If you are not sure about the conversion between two units of area, you can simply input each value into an area converter to see the result instantly.

Area converters are great for people who want to be able to compare different measurement units in different domains or fields. They can be used in various instances where there is a need for converting measurements from one unit to another.

Metric Conversion

Metrics are a system of measurements in which physical quantities are expressed in quantities or units that can be easily converted to each other.

A metric system is a coherent system of measurement where all measurements are interrelated by a series.

The metric system is the world's most widely used measurement system. There are about 190 countries that use it as their official measure, and another two dozen that have adopted it as their standard. It is the only measurement system for which an international organization, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, exists to oversee its development and maintenance.

Different Unit Types

Square units are measurements of area. The most commonly used square units are square meters and square yards.

The Conversion Table for Square Units:

1 Square Yard = 9 Square Feet

1 Square Foot = 144 sq in = 9 sq cm (0.0009 sq m)

1 Square Inch = 6.45 sq cm (0.0006 sq m)

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