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Simple Internet Tool's main focus is to deliver usable tools in a large variety of areas. We currently have tools in areas such as business, color, design, financial, health, fitness, home, math, productivity, programming, information technology, time, writing, etc.

A number of our tools rely on open-source components with different open-source licenses.

Our tools are free with no login required.

More than 99% of the descriptive content was developed internally. Descriptive contents for our financial and health tools have been reviewed by a team of financial and health personnel respectively.

These tools are made under comprehensive testing. However, we would appreciate you reach out to us if you notice any errors. You can contact us here.

This is a personal project of Steven Ofoegbu.

Business Tool

Cost Price Margin Calculator

Cost Calculator

Currency Converter Exchange Rate Calculator

Currency Converter Live Rate

Discount Sale Calculator

Exchange Rate Calculator

Expense Calculator

Extract Emails From Text

Free Online Salary Calculator

Free Online Signature Maker

Free Online Speech To Text (Dictate Sentence By Sentence)

Free Online Sticky Notes

Gross Pay Calculator

Html5 Text Editor


Numbers To Words Currency Converter

Online Coin Counter

Online Employee Payroll Calculator

Online Fullscreen Notepad

Online Notepad App

Online Notepad

Online Rich Text Editor

Paycheck Calculator

Percentage Calculator For Discounts

PLN USD EURO Currency Converter

Random Data Generator

Revenue Calculator

Rich Text Editor

Sales Tax Calculator

Simple Rich Text Editor

Text Editor

Time Card Calculator

Wage Calculator

Work Hour Calculator



Color and Design Tools

Color Converter Using Css Filter

Color Converter

Color Palette Generator

Color Picker

Color Scheme Generator

Complimentary/Opposite Color Calculator

Convert Hex Color Code To Its Pastel Hue & Its Complementary

Convert Image To Grayscale

Crop & Save

Fullscreen Color Picker Converter

Generate Unique Hex Color From String

HEX Calculator With Dark And Light Shade Viewer

HEX RGB Auto Color Converter

HEX RGB HSL Conversion Tool

HEX RGB HSL Converter

HEX To RGBA Color Calculator

HEX To RGBA Converter

Hex To RGBA Online Converter

HSL Color Picker Online

HSL Color Picker

Html Color Names

Html Color Picker

Image Color Picker

Material Color Picker

Online Color Palette Generator

Online Colour Picker

Online Image Cropper

Online Random Color Generator

Online Random Color Palette Generator

Photo Editor

Photo to Art/Painting Converter

Plain Color Background Generator

Random Color Generator With Settings

Random Color Generator

Random Color Palette Generator Online

Random Color Palette Generator

Random Colour Palette Generator

Random Image Generator

Random Imgur Image Generator

RGB & Hex Color Converter

RGB & Hex Color Picker Tool

RGB To Hex Color Converter

RGBA To Hex Color

Simple Color Converter

Simple Color Picker

Text And Background Color Picker



Financial Tools

Are You Saving Enough For Retirement Calculator

Auto Loan Monthly Installment Calculator

Auto Loan Payment Calculator

Bills & Coins Counter

Black-Scholes Option Pricing Calculator

Budget Calculator

Budget Tracker

Calculate How Much You Would Spend For College

Car Finance Calculator

Car Loan Payment Calculator

Credit Card Generator & Validator

Compound Interest Calculator In Simple Words

Compound Interest Calculator With Graph

Compound Interest Calculator

Credit Card Validator

Credit Loan Amortization Calculator

Debt Loan Repayment Calculator

Debt To Income Ratio

EMI Calculator

Exact Coin Change Calculator

Financial Calculator BondYTM WACC NPV PV FV N

Fixed Deposit Calculator

Free Amortization Schedule Payment Calculator

Free Auto Loan Payment Calculator

Free Budget Calculator

Free Budget Tracker

Free Online Mortgage Calculator

Free Online Savings Calculator With Compound Interest Growth

Free Online Savings Calculator

Future Value Calculator

Home Loan Calculator

HSA Calculator

Investment Calculator With Chart

Investment Calculator

Investment Compounded Growth Calculator

Loan Amortization Calculator

Loan Calculator With Simple Graph

Loan Calculator

Loan Term Payment Calculator

Mortgage Calculator That Tabulates Result

Mortgage Calculator With Accelerated Payments

Mortgage Calculator With Chart

Mortgage Calculator With Report

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Monthly Payment Calculator

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Mortgage Repayment And Affordability Calculator

Nest Egg Simulator Calculator

Net Income Calculator

Next Loan Payment Due Date Calculator

Online Expense Tracker

Online Future Value Calculator

Online Loan Calculator

Online Simple Interest Calculator

Retirement 401k Max Out Calculator

Retirement Calculator With Graph

Savings Calculator

Savings, Interest And Loan Affordability Calculators

Savings With Interest Rate Calculator

Simple Expense Tracker

Simple Interest Calculator 2

Simple Interest Calculator

Simple Interest Investment Calculator

Simple Loan Calculator

Simple Mortgage Calculator

SIP Calculator

UK PGL Student Loan Interest Rates Payment Calculator



Health and Fitness Tools

Age-Related Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate

BMI Calculator Height Cm Weight Kg

BMI Calculator: Weight In Pounds & Height In Inches

BMI Calculator

BMR Calculator

Body Mass Index BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index

Bolus Calculator

Calculate Your Body Mass Index BMI

Calories Burned During Biking Calculator

Calories Burned While Running Calculator

Coffee-Water Ratio Calculator

Daily Caloric Intake Calculator

Daily Caloric Need Calculator

Deep Breathing and Meditation Bubble Tool

Deep Breathing Tool

Drink Water Reminder

Drug Half-Life Calculator

Free Online Age Grade Calculator For Runners

Free Online Calorie Calculator

Heart Rate Monitor

How Many Plates Do You Need On Your Barbell?

Keto Nutrition Calculator

Macronutrient Calculator

Macronutrients To Calories Calculator

Max Heart Rate Calculator

Online BMI Calculator

Ovulation Predictor Calculator

Pace Calculator (Running)

Protein Intake Calculator

Running Pace Calculator

Simple Calories Calculator

Sleep Calculator

Sleep Cycle Calculator

Sleep Debt Calculator

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) Calculator

Track Water Intake

Treadmill Equivalent Calculator

Workout Tracker



Home, Homestead, and Landscape Tools

Circular Log Garden Calculator

Concrete Calculator

Farming Size Calculator

Flooring Square Footage Calculator

Gallons Of Paint Calculator

Landscape Material Calculator

Multipurpose Utility Calculator Converter

Solar Energy Savings Calculator

Solar Panel Charge Time Calculator

Staircase Calculator



Math Tools

2-Input Simple Calculator

Calculator With Fibonacci Sequence Generator

Add, Subtract, Divide, Or Multiply All Numbers In A Range

Adding & Subtracting Fractions Online Calculator

All In One Calculator

All In One Percentage Calculator

Almost Windows 10 Calculator

Area Calculator

Area Converter

Area Unit Conversion

Basic Math Calculator

Basic Simple Calculator

Bayes' Calculator

Bayes' Theorem Probability Calculator

Calculate Area Of Circle

Calculate Percentage Change

Calculate Prime Factors For A Number

Calculating Pi Using The Monte Carlo Method

Calculator Accepts Keyboard Input

Calculator For Squaring Numbers

Calculator Use Keyboard Or Calculator Buttons

Calculator With History Panel

Calculator With History Tape


Celsius & Fahrenheit Temperature Converter

Circumference And Area Of Circle Calculator

Convert To Roman Numerals

Cylinder & Rectangular Prism Area & Volume Calculator

Dark Themed Retro Calculator

Decimal & Fraction Converter

Descriptive Statistics Calculator

Distance Length Converter

Dynamic Addition Calculator

Engineers Unit Converter

Exponent Calculator

Fibonacci Sequence Generator

Free Online Abacus Simulator (Soroban)

Free Online Adding Machine Calculator

Free Online Calculator

Free Simple Calculator

Fullscreen Scientific Calculator

GCD LCM Calculator

Kilograms To Stones Weight Calculator

Length Calculator Converter

Length Conversion

Length Converter Calculator

Length, Time, Mass Conversion Calculator

Liter, Meter, Celsius Conversion Calculators

Math Calculator: Use Keyboard Or Calculator Buttons

Math Calculator

MDAS Calculator

Mean, Median, Mode, And Range Calculator

Mean, Median, Standard Deviation Calculator

Midpoint Calculator

Miles To Kilometers

Multiplication Table From 1 To 12

Multiplication Table From 1 To 20

Multiplication Table Game

Multiplication Table Generator

Multiplication Table

Multiply Two Large Numbers

Number Base Converter

Number Sequence Generator

Number System Converter Online

Number System Converter

Identify Odd, Even, Prime Numbers

Online Calculator Free

Online Calculator: Works With Your Keyboard Too

Online Calculator

Online Exponent Calculator

Online Random Number Generator

Online Scientific Calculator

Online Score Keeper Counter

Online Score Keeper

Online Scoreboard

Online Weight Converter

PEMDAS Calculator

Percentage Calculator

Percentage Change Calculator (Increase And Decrease)

Percentage Change Calculator

Percentage Increase/Decrease Calculator

Plus Minus Input Counter (Tally Counter)

Population And Sample Standard Deviation Calculator

Pound Weight Converter

Pounds Weight Converter

Prime Number Generator

Prime Number Search

Prime Numbers Calculator

Prime Numbers Checker & Generator

Prime Numbers Checker & Range Generator

Prime Numbers Finder

Proportions Calculator

Pythagorean Theorem Calculator

Quadratic Equation Calculator

Quadratic Equation Graph And Solver

Quadratic Equation Solver

Random Number Generator Every 5 Seconds

Random Number Generator Online

Random Number Generator

Random Numbers Generator

Reduce Fraction To Simplest Form Calculator

Roman And Arabic Numeral Converter

Roman/Arabic Numeral Converter

Roman Numeral Converter 2

Roman Numeral Converter 3

Roman Numeral Converter

RPN Calculator

Sample Size Calculator

Scientific Calculator With Degrees & Radians

Scientific Calculator

Simple Addition Calculator

Simple Arithmetic Calculator

Simple Basic Calculator

Simple Calculation App

Simple Calculator for Multiplication and Division

Simple Calculator Online

Simple Calculator

Simple Feminine Math Calculator

Simple Length Converter

Simple Lightweight Calculator

Simple Math Calculator

Simple Mathematics Calculator

Simple Maths Calculator

Simple Online Calculator

Simple Percentage Calculator

Simple Probability App

Simple Random Number Generator

Simple Roman Numeral Converter

Square Footage Calculator

Square Root Calc

Square Root Calculator

Squareroot Calculator

Subtract Two Numbers

Surface Area Volume Calculator

Temperature Conversion Calculator

Temperature Converter: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin

Time Table Generator

Times Table Generator

Triangle Area Calculator

Triangle Perimeter Calculator

Triangle, Square And Cubic Calculator

Unit Converter (Free)

Unit Converter Online

Unit Converter

Unit Measurement Converter

Weight Converter

Weight Management Tool

Weighted Mean Calculator



Productivity Tools

Decision Maker

Free Online Calendar Planner

Free Online Diff Checker

Free Online Password Generator

Free Online ToDo List App

Hard Decision Maker

List Sorting Tool

Lightweight Rich Text Editor

Multiple Url Opener

OCR Online Image To Text

Online Task List App

Online To Do List

Online ToDo List

Online Touch Typing Test

Online Typing Speed Test

Password And Random Word Generator

Password Generator

Ping-Pong (Table Tennis) Score Keeper

Pomodoro Clock

Pomodoro Technique Timer

Pomodoro Timer With Analog Clock Tracker

Pomodoro Timer

Random Password Generator

Share Link Generator

Simple Journal

Simple Time Logger Tracker

Simple To Do List

Task List Manager

Task List Online

Task Manager

To Do List App

To Do List

ToDo List Manager

ToDo List Online

Todo List

ToDo Task List

Typing Game

Typing Speed Test

Visual ToDo and Task List (Kanban Board)



Programming and Info Tech Tools

AES Decrypt Encrypt

AES Encryption And Decryption

AES Encryption Decryption Generator

AES Encryption Decryption Tool

AES Gcm Encrypt Decrypt Tool

Arithmetic Expression Evaluator Calculator

Base64 And Url Encoding Tool

Base64 Converter SHA256 Encryption

Base64 Encoder And Decoder

Base64 Encoder Decoder Tool

Base64 Encoder Decoder

Base64 Encoding Decoding Tool

Base64 Image Encoder

Base64 String Encoder Utility

Binary Converter Text Converter

Binary, Decimal, And Hex Converter

Binary Encoder Decoder Translator

Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Alphanumeric, Base 64 Number Encoder And Decoder

Binary To Decimal Conversion Tool

Binary To Decimal Conversion

Binary To Decimal Converter

Binary To Decimal

Binary To String & String To Binary Converter

Browser Check

Caesar Cipher Decrypt

Caesar Cipher Rot13

Caesar Cipher

Calculate The File Size Of A Text

Charcode Encoder Decoder

Cisco Subnet Calculator

Convert Character To Unicode Hexadecimal

Convert CSV Into Html Table

Convert Excel Cells To JSON

Convert Image To Base64

Convert Multiple Lines To Javascript Array

Convert Text To Encrypted Image

Convert Text To Html Entities

Convert Unix Time To US Date Format

Converter Number Between Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal

Converter Tool: CSS To JS

CSS Minifier & Beautifier

CSS Triangle Generator

CSV To Html Table

CSV To Json Converter CSV2JSON

CSV To JSON Converter

CSV Viewer Online

Cut & Paste From Word Into Html Converter

Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal Converter

Decimal To Binary, Binary To Decimal Converter

Decimal To Binary Converter

Diff Checker

Encoder Decoder By Shifting Unicode Character Range

Encoding, Decoding, Escape, Unescape, Utf8

Escape Html

Escaped Hex String Decoder

Escaping Html Symbols And Entities

Excel Notation Math Expression Parser

Excel To Table

Fake Commandline

Fast Regex Tester

Favicon Generator

Generate An Expression Tree

GUID/UUID Generator

Hash Generator

Hex, Binary, Decimal Conversion Tool

Html Compressor

Html CSS Javascript Minifier Maxifier

Html Encode Decode

Html Encoder Decoder

Html Entities Encoder Decoder

Image -> Base64 Converter

Image To Base64 Converter

Image To Binary & Hex Value Converter

Infix To Postfix

IP Address Calculator

IPv4 Subnet Calculator

Javascript Obfuscator Tool

JSON Editor

JSON Formatter With Tree View

JSON Formatter

JSON To Csv Converter

JSON Tree Viewer

JSON Validator

MAC Address Generator

Markdown Editor Online

Markdown Editor

MD5 Encoder Hashing Tool

MD5 Password Generator

MP3 To Base64 Converter

Online GUID UUID Generator

Online JSON Validator

Online Markdown Editor

SHA512 and MD5 Password Convert

JSON Pretty Print

Programmer's Typing Test

Python Code Editor

Random String Generator

Random Website Domain Generator

Randomly Generate Characters From String Length

Regex Tester/Debugger

Remove Html Tags

Replace Line Breaks With

Replace Line Breaks With \n

Reverse A String

ROT13 Caesar Cipher

ROT13 Encoder Decoder

ROT13 Encryption Decryption Tool

Simple Decimal To Binary Converter

Simple Markdown Editor

Simple Online Encrypter Decrypter

SS64 Password Generator

String Length

String Manipulation Tool

String Variation Table

Strip Html Tags From String

SVG CSS Formatter

SVG To Data URI Converter For CSS Background Image

Text Checksum Generator

Text Clean Encode And Decode

Text Compare Tool

Text Comparison Tool

Text To Binary, Binary To Text Converter

Text To Html Entities

Truth Table Generator

Two Way Binary-Decimal Converter

Unique ID Generator

UNIX Timestamp Converter

Url Encoder And Decoder

Url Encoding-Decoding Tool

Url Parser / Query String Splitter

UUID Generator

Vigenere Encryption Decryption Tool

Visualization Of Base64 Encoding




Time Tools

Age Calculator: How Many Months, Weeks, Days, Seconds

Age Calculator Online

Age Calculator

Alarm Clock With 10 Minute Snooze Timer

Alarm Clock

Auto Format Date Input

Autodetect Timezone

Block Clock

Calculate The Number Of Days Between Two Dates

Calculator: Convert Hours To Minutes And Seconds

Calculator: Find Date After X Days

Chess Clock Blitz

Chess Clock

Christmas Countdown

Clock With Alarm

Clock With Date

Clock With Light & Dark Mode

Count Up Timer

Countdown Timer

Current New Year Countdown

Dark Themed Stopwatch

Date Calculator

Date Difference Calculator

Date List Generator

Day Of The Week Calculator

Days Alive Calculator

Days Between Dates Calculator

Time Addition Calculator

Days Spent And Days Left In The Year Counter

Digital Clock With Stopwatch Countdown Timer

Dog Age Calculator

Download Speed Calculator

Download Time Calculator Online

Download Time Calculator

Egg Timer

Find Age From Date Of Birth Calculator

Find Day Of Any Week Of Any Year

Find What Day Is This Date Calculator

Free Age Calculator

Free Online Age Calculator

Free Online Calendar

Hours & Minutes Subtraction Calculator

Instant Count Up Timer

Kitchen Timer

Leap Year Calculator

Live Age Countup Timer Calculator

New Year Countdown Timer

Online Clock With Alarm

Online Clock

Online Countdown Timer

Online Digital Clock With Dark Background

Online Digital Clock With Light Dark Theme

Online Stopwatch Seconds Only

Online Stopwatch Timer

Online Talking Alarm Clock That Says What The Alarm Is For

Online World Clock

Random Date & Time Generator

Simple Leap Year Calculator

Simple Online Stopwatch

Simple Stopwatch Timer

Simple Stopwatch

Simple World Clock

Stopwatch Pauses When Browser Tab Changes

Stopwatch With Lap Timer

Time Calculator

Time Converter

Time Difference Calculator

Time To Decimal Calculator

Timer Count Up

World Clock

Your Age In Days, Hours, Minutes, And Seconds Calculator



Writing and Text Tools

Add Prefix And Suffix

Capitalize First Letter

Case Converter Online

Case Converter

Character Counter

Click Speed Test In Microseconds

Click Speed Test

Convert Case Of User Entered Text

Convert Case Page

Convert Text To Sentence Case

Cover Letter Generator

Fancy Font Generator, Fancy Text Generator

Free Touch Typing

Generate Your Own Random Words By Editing Letters

Kebab Case Converter

Line Break Filter

Live Character Count

Number To Word Converter

Number To Words Converter

Online Word Frequency Counter

Plural Finder

Pseudoword Generator With Audio

Random Dummy Paragraph Generator

Random Dummy Text Generator

Random Sentence Generator Online

Random Sentence Generator

Random Sentences Generator

Random Text Generator

Random Word Generator

Random Word, Sentence, Paragraph Generator

Reverse Order Of Words

Reverse Strings/Words

Reverse Text

Simple Number To Words Converter

Simple Word Counter

Sort Lines Alphabetically

Sort String Letters Alphabetically

Text Case Changer

Text Case Converter

Text/String Case Converter

Tool To Remove Line Breaks

Ways To Scramble A Word

Word Counter

Word Frequency Counter

Word Frequency Map Generator

Zalgo Text Generator



Other Tools

3D Dice Roller

3D Dice

Accelerating Metronome

Aim Training Free Online Game

ASCII Art Img To Txt

Astro Calculator

Auto Format Phone Number

Basic GPA Calculator

Body Proportion Calculator

Bra Calc

Bra Size Calculator And Table

Bra Size Calculator

Bra Size Equivalent Calculator

Calculate The Distance Between 2 Geolocations

Calculate Your Bra Size

Calculator That Can Turn Upside Down To Reveal Word

Camping Packing List Generator

Carbon Emission Calculator

Charging Power Calculator

Color Matching Game

Current Location Weather App With 3 Days Forecast

Dice Roller With 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 Faces

Flip A Coin (Coin Toss)

Flip A Coin Online Tool

Free Online 3D Dice Roller

Free Online Chess

Free Online Drawing App For Kids

Free Online Mood Calendar

Free Online MP3 Player

Free Online Rubiks Cube

Free Online Scoreboard

Free Online Tetris Game

Free Online Tic Tac Toe

Free Online Vocabulary Builder

Fuel Consumption Calculator

Fuel Cost Calculator

Fuel Mileage Calculator

Funny Dad Jokes

GPA Calculator

Grade Calculator

Horsepower Calculator

Jeff Bezos Earnings Calculator

Lawyer Calculators

LDR Voltage Divider Calculator

Lifetime Supply Calculator

Lightning Distance Calculator

Lottery Number Generator

Love Calculator


Microphone & Headphone Speaker Check

Free Online Calendar Planner

Morse Code Encoder Decoder

Morse Code Generator Translator

Morse Code Generator With Sound

Morse Code Text Translator With Alphabet Number Table

Morse Code To Text, Text To Morse Code Converter

MPG Calculator

Multiple Dice Roller

Nigerian University CGPA Calculator

Numerology Calculator

Online Love Calculator

Online Metronome

Online Microphone Test

Online Random Word Generator

Online Tip Calculator

Online Weather Forecast

Online Webcam Mirror

Page Calculator For Reading

Pick Random Name Winner

Power Factor Correction Calculator

QR Code Generator

Random Dice Roller

Random Dice

Random Meal Generator

Random Name And Identity Generator

Random Name Picker

Random Order Generator

Random Recipes App

Random Serial Number Generator

Random Team Picker

Random User Generator

Randomize List Tool

RC Filter Calculator

Real Wage Calculator

Recipe Converter Calculator

Resistor Color Code Calculator

Roll The Dice

Salary Calculator

Simple Dice Roller

Simple GPA Calculator

Simple Grade Calculator

Simple Paycheck Calculator

Simple Salary Calculator

Simple Tip Calculator

Start And Stop Rolling Dice

Sudoku Solver

Text Morse Code Converter

Text To Speech Converter

Text To Speech Online

Text To Speech

Time Your Perfume Would Finish Calculator

Tip Calculator For Split And Unsplit Bill

Tip Calculator

Tools To Shuffle List Of Numbers

Trivia Hangman Game

Weather App

Weather Forecast

Wind Chill Index Calculator


Your Weight On Other Planets

Zodiac Calculator