Savings and investment are two methods of growing one's wealth. Both methods involve risk and possible loss. Savings, which is the accumulation of cash and other assets over time, is often used as a way to make money in the future without risking anything in the present. Investment, on the other hand, involves taking calculated risks through investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, or other instruments with an expectation that investment will provide higher returns.

Loan affordability is the ability to repay a loan. It is important for any borrower to have an understanding of how they are going to repay their loans, so they can fully understand the terms of their loans. One way some borrowers have been able to afford their monthly payments is by refinancing their loans under a new loan with lower rates and terms.

Loan affordability is a major issue for many Americans and that's why many Americans find themselves in perpetual debt. The cost of living in the US has risen by 14% in the last decade, while incomes have only increased by 1%. As a result, more people are struggling to pay their bills and taking on debt to cover everyday expenses. 

The price of basic necessities is higher than ever before.

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