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Hex color format is a color system that uses six digits, ranging from 00 to FF. Each digit corresponds to a hexadecimal number, which can be represented as the base 16 digits 0-9 and A-F.

Hex color format is often used in HTML5. It’s also used in CSS3 when writing colors of text on websites and in CSS selectors.

RGBA color format is a way of encoding colors in a color space with additional alpha transparency information. RGBA stands for Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha with Alpha being the opacity/transparency level.

RGBA color format makes it easy to use more than one color in an image. When using this type of pixel format, the RGB values and the alpha value are both encoded into each pixel.

RGBA colors are widely used in web design, photography, and even cosmetics. They can be achieved with the use of any colors that we want to change from their standard state.

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