Age is a measure of the passing of time. We are all born with an age of 0, but as we grow older our bodies change, and this number changes with it. Age is also about how much one has seen in life. It's about how many years you have lived.

Age is a term that has been around for centuries. It can be difficult to define, as many people have different opinions on what age means. One definition suggests that age is a measure of how old someone is, but this doesn’t take into account factors such as wisdom or emotional maturity.

What is the Difference Between Months and Years?

The word "month" is used to describe a period between 30 and 31 days. The word "year" is used to describe 12 months, so one year equals 365.25 days. When calculating age in years, 12 months are equal to one year, so you would divide your number of months by 12.

Calculating Your Age in Months

You can calculate your age in months using this formula:

Your age in months = ( Your age in days / 365.24) x 12

This would give you the answer to how old you are in months.

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