The RGB color format is a way to represent colors with red, green, and blue components. RGB is one of the most common color encodings because it can produce a wide variety of colors that are capable of displaying any type of tone or hue.

The Hexadecimal color format is a way of specifying colors for Webpage design. It is based on the RGB color model with 6 digits, each corresponding to red, green, or blue values ranging from 00 to FF (for example, #FF0000 is pure red). This system of notation is called hexadecimal because it uses hexadecimal numbers (0-9 and A-F) that are then converted to binary numbers.

A simple way to learn how to use HSL color format is by understanding its three components: Hue, Saturation, and Lightness. "Hue" refers to a color's name or a pure version of the color. The "Saturation" component is the amount of gray in the color. Lastly, "Lightness" is how much black or white there is in the color.

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