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*Average length will vary by woman. **A woman's best days to conceive can start at least one day prior and last at least one day after fertile date.

Ovulation predictor/calculator is a great tool to find out when the best time to conceive is. It helps women predict ovulation and plan their families accordingly.

Ovulation predictors/calculators are becoming more popular due to the growing problem of infertility. They help women find out when they are most fertile and it can also help them predict their fertility periods and avoid getting pregnant at the wrong time.

Ovulation predictor/calculator works by estimating a woman's fertility window based on her menstrual cycle. Some tools use ovarian fluid analysis while others estimate the likelihood of conception with a mathematical formula.

Some women find this tool to be helpful in their love lives. It helps them determine if they are fertile or not and plan accordingly for that day or week.

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