Multiple URL Opener

Multiple URL Opener is a tool that enables users to open multiple URLs at once. For instance, if you have 10 URL links and want to open them all at once, you can simply input the URLs into the text-area of this tool and click the "Open All" button.

You can also convert the URLs into links by clicking the "linkify" button.

This productivity tool allows for more efficiency in opening and visiting URLs as this helps you save time as well as not having to manually go clicking one by one.


What is Bulk/Multiple URL Opener?

Multiple URL Opener transforms text into clickable links by extracting the links from the text. You can additionally launch all the URLs at once without needing to access them one at a time.

Why are my URLs not detected correctly?

It's possible for the tool to misidentify URLs if there is no space between links. You can make extraction easier by placing spaces on either side of the links.

Why is the "Open All" button not working for me?

Due to the tool's auto-opening of multiple links, your brower's pop-up blocker may block the tool's proper functions, causing them to fail. The problem can be fixed by changing your browser's settings to allow pop-ups.

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