Expense tracking is a time-consuming and tedious process. It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to wade through receipts and bills in order to find what you need. But there are many benefits that help justify this process. The most significant benefit is that it enables you to see your income and expenses more clearly; making it easier for you to plan for the future, adjust your spending habits, and potentially reduce taxes owed.

If you're looking to better manage your finances, an expense tracker can be a helpful tool. Expense trackers help to save time by providing you with a detailed overview of all the money you spend every month. They also provide motivation for budgeting because it's clear what you can save by spending $100 less on monthly expenses. Tracking your expenses will help to reduce your debt and make you savvier about how much money is coming into and going out of your bank account.

This free, simple expense tracker focuses on only your income and expenses. Leave this window open for as long as you are using this expense tracker as refreshing this page would wipe away your entries.

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