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The employee deduction is: ${{empInsurance().toFixed(2)}}

The cpp deduction is: ${{cppDeduction().toFixed(2)}}

The Income Tax deduction is: ${{incomeTax().toFixed(2)}}

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Your final salary is: ${{totalSalary().toFixed(2)}}

A salary calculator is a tool that helps employees make sound decisions about their salaries. This tool also helps employers to save money by calculating the taxes and CPP for employees.

In other words,  a salary calculator that can deduct tax and CPP is a tool that helps people to find their approximate salary amount after tax, CPP, and other deductions. These tools have been developed as it has become easier for people to make calculations over the internet or on their mobile devices.

These calculations could however depend on your location which is why there are some location-specific salary calculator apps in the market.

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