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Arithmetic is a type of mathematics used for counting and calculating, and has been used in many different contexts. There are many uses of arithmetic: in geometry to determine the area and perimeter of shapes; in statistics when studying populations; when solving real-world problems which require mathematical modeling; in accounting to keep records of transactions; in economics to understand patterns of trade and consumption, and for measuring the size of the economy.

Arithmetic calculation is used in day-to-day life, such as when counting money or when doing a complicated math problem. Computers also use arithmetic calculation to add and subtract numbers much faster than humans can.

Arithmetic plays a large role in the world of business. Whether it is determining the cost of equipment, or predicting how many units will be needed to cover a forecasted amount, arithmetic is necessary for success. 

Some people may not know, but arithmetic is used in many different ways in everyday life. By understanding the basics of arithmetic, we can work with fractions and decimals to solve problems. People also use knowledge of arithmetic (and geometry) to design and construct buildings so they can create the best possible structures for their customers.

This free online tool enables you to carry out simple arithmetic calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of 2 numbers.

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