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Morse Code

Morse code is a system of communication that allows messages to be flashed between two points. It was developed in the 1830s by an American inventor, Samuel Morse and it consists of a series of combinations of dots and dashes. In an era long before the Internet, cellular phones, and text messages, this method of communication played an important role in military communications from WWI through WWII.

Morse Code was primarily developed as a way to bridge the gap between existing printing presses and telegraph networks but was later adapted for use in ship-to-shore communications.

Morse code is now used less often than it used to be as it is majorly used for transmitting messages over the telegraph. Telegraphs have since been replaced by other forms of communication such as phones and emails. However, morse code is still used today. Today, morse code is used by amateur radio operators, law enforcement agencies, ships at sea, and others.

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