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 is what percent of ?

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What Is Percentage?

The word "percent" comes from the Latin word "centum," which means 100. Hence, a percent is a number or ratio expressed in terms of 100, such as 5% of 25. A percentage is most commonly used to measure parts per hundred.

Percentages are used in many settings. They are not limited to business or finance, but can also be applied to simple math, cooking, or even sports. Knowing the basics of what percentages are and how they work is essential for understanding how they can affect various areas of life.

Learning about percentages early on will provide a clear understanding of why they are so prevalent throughout every aspect of life.

A percentage is a fraction of 100. First, they can be used to express how much of something there is. For instance, 10% or 10 parts out of one hundred are in the room. Second, they are often used to describe what part of the population has a particular trait. For instance, 10% might be said to have autism when talking about the general population.

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