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The surface area is the area of the body that is exposed to the outside environment. Surface area is an important concept in geometry. It can be defined as "the total area exposed to air or water." For an object with two opposite faces exposed to the outside, the surface area would include both faces.

The surface area of an object can be calculated by multiplying its width by its length, or by calculating its total surface area with a formula that involves pi (π) and radius.

In other words, surface area is the total surface of an object per unit of measurement. This is most commonly calculated in square feet or square inches. 

If two objects have different lengths and widths but the same height, the one with a larger surface area will take up more space than the one with a smaller surface area.

The formula for determining the volume of a sphere is V = 4/3 π r³. Where "r" stands for radius.

The volume of a cylinder is the area of its circular base multiplied by the height of the cylinder. So if you want to find the volume of a cylinder, multiply its radius squared by π by your height.

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