Roman Numeral Converter

Roman numerals, while not typically in use for modern-day mathematics, were used to count and add up numbers in ancient times.

The Romans used a system of numerals, Roman numerals, to keep track of their citizens and their property. These numerals consisted of 7 symbols - I, V, X, L, C, D, and M. Each symbol had a different meaning. For example, I was 1; V was 5; X was 10; L was 50; C was 100; D was 500, and finally M was 1000.

The history of Roman numerals is a complex one. They were created by the ancient Romans and used as a way to express numbers with letters. Up until the year 1500 AD, they were used in most European countries as a written number system. The first appearance of the Arabic numeral system was in an Indian book from 876 AD, but it wasn’t widely used until after 1500 AD. The symbols that represent the number four are IIII and IV.

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