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Length is a physical attribute of space. It is the third dimension of space and it can be measured in meters, centimeters, millimeters, nanometers, and other many more units.

Volume is the amount of space or the measure of how much a 3-dimensional figure, such as a cube or a ball, occupies.

Volume is often measured in liters. However, it can also be measured in milliliters or cubic meters.

The volume of an object is equal to its surface area multiplied by its thickness. This can be calculated by multiplying an object's height by its width and dividing it by two

Volume measurements are often used to help calculate things like density and mass for objects like liquids and solids that are hard to measure using other methods

Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of microscopic particles in a substance. This kinetic energy can be transferred to other particles or converted into thermal energy. Depending on the temperature, some substances are solid at room temperature and others are liquid at room temperature.

Temperature is an important measurement in physics because it has many applications. Most notably, it is crucial for all living things as most of their bodily functions rely on the body’s core temperature.

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