Caesar Cipher: Decrypt

Decrypt Your Encoded Caesar Cipher

What is a Caesar Cipher?

A Caesar cipher is a substitution cipher, which is used to encrypt (or code) messages in which each letter of the original message corresponds to a letter someplace else in the letters of the alphabet.

It's named after Julius Caesar, who allegedly used it for military purposes. It was also famously used by Edgar Allan Poe.

The algorithm is easy to use, but not very secure because of its simplicity.

How to Crack a Caesar Cipher

Caesar cipher is a substitution cipher that substitutes letters with other letters positioned in other places of the alphabet. It is relatively easy to crack the code if you know the encryption key.

The most straightforward way of cracking a Caesar Cipher is to use trial and error. The first time through, try replacing letters with numbers in order to find an interesting pattern that can be used for decoding.


1) Make a list of all possible letter-number combinations,

2) Decide on one number-letter combination as the starting point,

3) Work through the list of possible combinations until you have found your message,

4) Take note of all remaining characters which are not part of your message

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