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MS Excel is a spreadsheet application. It is mainly used for business purposes. The user can store data in the form of cells and use the auto-fill function to quickly populate tables with an identical content, just by selecting one cell and dragging the mouse over adjacent cells.

The spreadsheet is created by arranging data into rows and columns. There are many different types of calculations that can be made on a spreadsheet, such as finding the total sum of numbers in a column or row, or finding out how much each customer owes based on their purchase history. Spreadsheets also allow users to create charts and graphs from their data.

A table is a data structure consisting of rows and columns of data, joined together by intersecting vertical and horizontal lines. Tables are used to display the results of data analysis or to represent certain types of data.

A table can be created in HTML by using the "table" element. Basic tables may be created with just two tags: "table" and "tr".

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