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Mouse Click Speed

Since the 1990s, computer mice have evolved to become increasingly more precise and accurate. A study by Microsoft found that mouse click speed can make a big difference in how fast you work. This is because opening an email or launching an application takes less time when you can click faster on your mouse. Clicking faster doesn't mean clicking harder- it's about moving your fingers quickly.

Nowadays, most people are using a mouse as their primary method of input. With the advent of computers and programs that are specifically designed for users that are most comfortable with the mouse, interaction is easier overall. One major component for this is how quickly a person can click on an object they want to select. Some people may have different click speeds depending on the type of physical or mental impairment they have. Other people may have different speeds depending on the size, weight, or agility of their hands.

The average human can typically click a mouse at around 50 clicks per minute. If you are more agile, you might be able to get up to 80-100 clicks per minute on average.

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