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This CGPA calculator is based on the grading system of Nigerian Universities.

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Cumulative Grade Point Average

Cumulative Grade Point Average, or CGPA, is a metric to measure academic performance. Typically, an A is worth 5 points whereas a B is worth 4 points. Additionally, some classes could have more than one assessment; for instance, there may be one class that has an examination as well as a mid-semester test (one weighted at 70% and the other at 30%).

One of the most important factors in the university grading system is the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), which is calculated by adding up all of your grades and dividing that number by the number of courses you take. The CGPA gives an accurate representation of how well students are doing in their courses, and universities often use this CGPA to determine if a student should move on with his/her academic journey. Universities also use CGPA to determine what class of degree a student would graduate with.

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