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What are Percentage Increase and Decrease?

Percentage increase or decrease is a calculation that can be used to show how much one number changed from another. Here’s an example: Susan had a starting weight of 130 lbs and by the end of last year she was 160 lbs. The percentage change between her starting weight and her ending weight is 23.08%.

A percentage increase or decrease is a number that indicates how much the quantity has increased or decreased by. A percentage increase is indicated by a positive value, while a percentage decrease is indicated by a negative value.

Furthermore, percentage increase or decrease is used to measure the change in something. For instance, if your salary increased by 10%, you would receive an extra 10% of your salary. This means that if you made $50,000 and received a 10% raise, you would now make $55,000. The opposite of this is a salary decrease. If your salary decreases by 5%, you will now make $47,500 instead of $50,000.

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