How long to
finish your perfume?

Determine how long it will take you to finish a bottle of your perfume.
Note: Calculator assumes that there are 14.7 sprays in 1ml of perfume

Common sizes in oz
0.5 oz = 15ml
1 oz = 30ml
1.7 oz = 50ml
3.4 oz = 100ml

What size is your perfume bottle?: ml
How many sprays do you wear per day?:

Perfume is a cosmetic that is made from essential oils, aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents. Most perfumes are created with a mixture of fragrant essential oils, but it can also be an odorless substance or intended to have either a pleasant or unpleasant smell. The term “perfume” can also refer to any scented substance.

Perfumes are an important component of any outfit. It can make a simple outfit stand out or it can make a more extravagant outfit that much better. Scents like Boss and Gucci give off the air of success and sophistication and one's confidence could be enhanced by wearing them.

Perfumes have been known to provide many benefits; they can make you feel more confident, happy, and even more attractive. They are also wonderful gifts that friends, family members, or significant others can give each other for special occasions. The design of a perfume is often elegant and even luxurious, but the best part about having a nice perfume is how it smells; different perfumes have different aromas.

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