Choose A Color By Setting Hue, Saturation, And Lightness


The HSL color format is used for specifying colors in CSS.

Hue, Saturation, Lightness are the three components of identifying colors in the HSL color format. For example, if you want to specify a red color with no brightness and saturation, then you can use: HSL(0, 100%, 50%).

Hue specifies the base color or color wheel. The Hue of red is 0. Saturation specifies how much of the original base color is present in the final result. Lightness specifies how bright or dark a final result can be compared to its base.

The HSL color format is used in many different industries such as design, graphics, and advertising.

In the design industry, it is used to represent a set of colors that are displayed on screens. A web designer uses this format to make sure that their work is visually appealing. The HSL color format is also used in graphics such as graphs for statistics and charts. Lastly, the HSL color format has been widely adopted in the ad industry to represent a particular brand’s tone of voice or branding.

Using this tool, designers can figure out what colors go well together and what is more suitable for particular designs. Another important use of this tool is for artists who want to create their own palette.

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