Encoder/Decoder (Using Unicode Character Range)



Introduction to Encoding/Decoding

Encoding is the process of converting data into a specific format, most commonly using a cipher. It can be used for security purposes to protect digital information.

Decoding is the process of converting data back to its original form. It can be used for security purposes to provide access to previously secured information.

A cipher is a piece of data that is used to hide information from someone who does not have the key to unlock it. Encoding and decoding are the processes of transforming, or translating, information from one form to another.

Encoding/Decoding can be used in many different scenarios for security purposes. For example, when you chose a secret code word on your phone so no one can listen in on your conversation. Similarly, when you chose a password on your computer so no one can access it without knowing the password.

Some algorithms are set up for encoding and decoding data into specific formats that are more efficient than doing it manually. These algorithms also help with converting old data into new formats for storing or sharing with others.

Stages of Encoding/Decoding Process

We could make use of the encoding process to ensure that the output is not known to anyone else. The decoder then takes this output and uses it as input for the decoding process.

The encoding process is the process of converting plain text into ciphertext. The decoding process is the opposite, it converts ciphertext back to plain text.

There are 2 stages of the encoding/decoding process:

The first stage is called Encoding, which converts plain text into ciphertext.

The second stage is called Decoding, which converts cipher text back to plain text.

While there are numerous types of cipher used in cryptography such as Caesar Cipher or Vigenère Cipher, they all have certain limitations due to complexity. This means that there are ways to break any cipher given enough time and processing power. It's essential to be aware of these limitations before using any type of cipher for your security measures.

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