4 Band Resistor Color Code Calculator

Throughout the world, there are many different standards for resistors. One of the most popular is the color code standard. Resistors are usually marked with these colors to indicate which numbers correspond with each respective color. The colors are used in accordance with industry standards to make it easier on circuit designers by making them easily distinguishable.

The color code for resistors is a standardized system for determining the resistance of a resistor or the amount of electrical resistance it has. This color code was developed in the 1940s and has been used in electronics since then.

Resistor color codes serve as a key to the amount of power that is being drawn through it. The colors are used by electricians and engineers to know what type and how much of a resistor they need in order to fit their needs. There are four colors: red, brown, black and blue. The first three colors stand for the amount of power while the last one stands for the tolerance level of resistor.

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