What is a Password Generator?

A password generator is an online tool that lets you generate passwords on the fly. These tools are useful for users who need to create secure passwords while also making sure that the generated passwords are unique.

How to Create Strong Passwords in Seconds

We all know “123456” and “password123” as some of the most memorable passwords. However, such short and easy-to-remember passwords are prone to be cracked in a matter of seconds.

A company will usually ask for a new password for every user, but we typically use the same password for different sites and applications. As a result, we can easily get access to many different accounts and applications which might not be intuitive. Such problems can be solved using online password generators that can generate any combination of strings (letters, numbers, symbols, etc.).

Achieving Strong Security with Password Generators

A free online password generator is one of the most popular options for creating passwords for online accounts. The free online password generator is very convenient because it allows users to generate passwords in a matter of minutes. Once the user has generated their own password and securely saved it, typically on the browser, they can use it anywhere, anytime without having to remember the long and complicated passwords that are usually required when accessing various websites.

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