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Encoding is the process of converting original text to a different text format, or code that represents the original text. Decoding is converting an encoded text back into its original form, or code that represents the decoded text.

Encoding and decoding is a process in which data is converted from one form, such as text, to another form, such as binary.

Unescape: Unescape is a function that allows you to remove all special characters from your string of text to make it safe for use in a code.

Regular expression: A regular expression allows you to search and replace specific characters and patterns in your string of text.

The Importance of Understanding How Encoding Works

When you are encoding data, you are taking a piece of information and converting it into something else.

When decoding data, you are taking a piece of information and turning it back into its original form.

Encoding data can be done in many different ways but some methods are more effective than others. To decode data effectively, it is important to understand how encoding works so you know what methods will work best for your specific problem.

Escaping/Unescaping HTML Entities

Unescaping data is a common task for any developer. Unfortunately, it can be quite tedious and time-consuming. If you are looking for an easier way to unescape data, then you might want to consider using the escape character instead of using regular expressions.

An escape character is used when you need to unescape data in strings that are used in the HTML document.

Escaping data is the task of removing the special characters from a string of text.

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