Simple Probability Tool

To obtain the probability of one of two decimal numbers happening (both numbers less than 1) or both happening at the same time, enter the numbers and click "Answer".

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Probability of only A:
Probability of only B:
Probability of both:

Probability is a branch of mathematics and deals with the analysis of chance events. 

The probability of an event occurring is the number of times the event has occurred divided by the total number of events. For example, if a person has 5 blue pebbles out of a total of 10 pebbles, then the probability of picking a blue pebble, randomly, from a bag is 5/10 or 50%. The probability can be calculated for any event or situation by counting how often it occurs and dividing by the total number of occurrences.

Probability is used in all aspects of everyday life. It is used in sports, military operations, insurance, and psychology. Probability can also be applied to anything from estimating the chances of a football player scoring in the next game to estimating the probability of contracting a particular virus.

Mathematical analysis: This applies to the probability of an event happening based on the number of tries it takes for that event to happen. For example, if you roll a normal six-sided die four times, what are the odds that you'll get a three?

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