Strip HTML Tags From String

This free online tool strips/removes HTML tags from string. No login required.

The hypertext markup language, HTML, is the standard markup language for creating web pages. The HTML code is written in the structure of tags and attributes.

HTML tags are specific codes that are used to specify what type of content should be shown on a webpage. These tags are placed in the opening and closing brackets, "<" and ">". HTML tags can be nested inside each other to create complex web pages with different types of content.

In other words, HTML tags are codes that tell web browsers to do something specific. They can make text bold, italicize it, or include links. Tags are written between angle brackets like this <tag>.

HTML tags make it easy to create a variety of web content. These coding documents can be used to make a basic website or even to create a news article with graphics, sound effects, and videos. HTML tags are also essential for search engine optimization as the codes could help content rank higher on Google.

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