Binary number system is a numbering system using only two numbers, 0 and 1.

Binary can also be defined as a sequence of ones and zeros that are used for representing digital data on computers, such as the digits of multi-digit numbers or letters of an alphabet.

The octal number system is a number system that uses the base 8.

The octal number system was introduced in the early 1800s and was used by early computers. It was also used in cryptography systems because it has a large number of possible numbers for encryption.

Hexadecimal number system is a numbering system that has base 16.

Hexadecimal numbers have 16 symbols instead of 10 digits. These symbol numbers are 0 to 9 and A, B, C, D, E, F. As such, the sixteen hexadecimal digits are 0-9 and A-F:

The hexadecimal numeral system derives its name from being composed of the 10 number digits and six letters that represent the digits in Binary.

Decimal number system is a type of numbering system that uses base 10.

It is widely used to express monetary values, as well as metric systems.

The decimal numeral system was developed by the ancient Chinese in the 4th century BCE. It then spread to the Middle East and Europe.

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