Deep breathing is a therapeutic technique in which one breathes deeply in and out of their lungs in order to regulate their breathing or for meditative purposes. Breathing deeply enables the body to avoid shortness of breath. By focusing on deep breaths, one can increase their oxygen intake which results in increased energy production, fewer inflammations, and increased circulation. Deep breathing also helps with reducing stress levels which is ideal for people who experience anxiety or panic attacks.

Furthermore, deep breathing is a form of mind-body connection that has been known to reduce stress and tension. Consistent practice can help the body release toxins and maintain optimal health by regulating blood pressure, heartbeat, and cortisol levels. With deep breathing, we can improve our mood, increase attention span and focus, and even improve sleep.

Deep breathing increases oxygen levels throughout the body and reduces anxiety. This form of breathing is also hugely beneficial for developing a sense of calm and peace. It can be hard to practice deep breathing at times, but with determination, you will reap the benefits.