Non-Conventional Random Dice Roller

Dice sides:

For centuries, dice have been a part of many games and few can argue against the sheer fun it provides. With an array of different types to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're into board games, party games, or just want something to pass the time with friends and family, there is a chance that dice can be used in all of these ways.

Dice are typically either cubes or pyramids with opposable sides, usually six. They are used for many different gambling games, but also to predict the future. Dice are made of many materials, but most are made of polymers or wood.

Dice are also one of the most commonly played games in the world. Historians believe dice originated from China, but it is unknown when they were introduced into other cultures. Throughout history, people have used dice in a variety of ways. They have been used in gambling, divination rituals, games of chance, and more. They are an intriguing object because they are believed to be integral constituents of some of the oldest games in the world still being played by humans.

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