MP3 to Base64 Converter

MP3 is an audio file format that supports multiple channels of audio. It was developed in 1991 by the Moving Picture Experts Group, but it didn't gain mass popularity until it was re-branded as a digital media format in 2003.

MP3 files are small and easy to download and even easier to share. 

Many users of mp3 format currently use it for music listening on portable devices such as smartphones or tablets. However, companies like Spotify have been investing heavily into providing high quality content through their mp3 streaming services.

Base64 is a character-encoding system that can represent binary data in ASCII text format. The Base64 algorithm is a combination of the 64-character alphabet used in telecommunications and the 64-bit integers of a computer's word size (32-bit or 64-bit).

Base64 is commonly used when data needs to be transferred over a network, often in an encrypted form. It can be used to encode binary files into human-readable text and vice versa.

Below is the output of a base64 string representation of your sound file.

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