A calculator is a device that provides a mechanism to perform mathematical operations. It has a keyboard with keys for arithmetic and other mathematical operations. Some calculators also have a keypad that includes buttons for square root, logarithm, trigonometric functions, and natural logarithm.

In addition to providing mathematical operations, some calculators can perform conversions such as temperature (Celsius ⇄ Fahrenheit), length (Meter ⇄ Feet), mass (Kilograms ⇄ Pounds), and volume (Gallons ⇄ Liters).

A calculator is a tool that can be used to do various calculations in a very easy way.  Calculators have been around for decades and remain one of the most beneficial tools for students, engineers, and scientists.

Calculators have numerous benefits that are associated with them. One of them is that a calculator helps reduce human errors in calculations. There are also some other beneficial features like its ability to help people do mathematical functions and conversions easily.


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