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Loan Amortization Calculator

Loan Amortization

Amortization is the process of spreading out a loan's cost over some time so that you do not have to pay it all at once.

It is the process of gradually paying off debt, usually by making regular payments to reduce both the principal and the interest. The term amortization refers to the process of repayment rather than the method of payment. Amortizing loans are typically paid off in equal installments of principal and interest throughout the life of the loan, often over a set number of years or months.

Amortized loans help borrowers and lenders avoid high and unexpected interest rates on loans by spreading out the cost over the repayment period.

Amortization is also known as amortization schedule.

Amortization helps in distributing the unpaid balance of an installment loan over its term so that there is no outstanding balance left by the time the final payment is made.

What are the benefits of amortizing your loan?

Amortizing a loan can make the most out of every dollar you borrow. It is easier to budget for monthly payments when they are consistent, and you know what to expect. Interest rates are often lower on amortized loans because it's assumed that you'll be paying more over time.

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