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JSON is a format to store and transfer data. It is text-based and human readable which can be read and edited with any text editor. JSON is widely used by mobile apps, web apps, and some APIs, especially for analytics.

JSON is a serializable, object-oriented data format that is designed with efficiency in mind. One of JSON's best features is the fact that it reduces the need for custom data formats to a single one. This means that a JSON file can be read and edited by any programming language without the use of a third-party software program, which has traditionally been required when exchanging information between different languages.

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is an open standard file format that provides a way to store and transfer data. It shares characteristics with other data interchange formats like XML, but JSON's strict syntax makes it more human-readable than the other formats. The key difference between JSON and XML is that while XML uses angle brackets to delimit data, JSON only needs commas and colons.

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