Programmer's Typing Speed Test

here is what you should type
here is where you type it

Programmers are always typing. This is a test of your typing skills to see if you need to improve.

In order to be a successful programmer, it is important to have excellent typing skills. 

Typing is a core skill for any programmer. It is one of the most common and integral skills in the programming world.

A computer programmer's typing skill is a crucial part of their job. A typical job listing might require two years of experience and a minimum of 60 words per minute typing speed. Software development is one field that demands fast and accurate typing skills, but technical support can be another one. It has been found in many studies that programmers with higher typing speeds are more productive than those with slower speeds.

This test is simple. You just need to type the string, above, from your keyboard. Then, press the enter key to get the next set of strings.

This is a test of how fast you can type correctly.


1. The typing test is not difficult, but it requires speed and accuracy.

2. This typing challenge tests your skills in more than one area of programming as it focuses on both speed and accuracy.

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