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Pace running is a type of running where you maintain a consistent pace to improve your marathon time, and it's also great for beginners.

It is a form of endurance running where you focus on maintaining a consistent pace. Increasing the pace when fatigued can result in injury and suboptimal performance. If you are training for a 10K or marathon, it is important to run the pace you plan to maintain in your event. In order to have a stronger finish, don't increase your speed when you get tired.

Runners often employ two types of pacing: steady-state and tempo. Steady-state running involves maintaining a constant pace for about twenty minutes, after which the runner will take a five-minute break before starting again. Tempo paces are faster than steady-state paces, but not as fast as sprinting speeds, and are usually maintained for 10–20 minutes before taking a break.

The key difference between pace running and other forms of speed training is that instead of pushing the body to its absolute limits, pace runners learn to impose varying degrees of fatigue on their muscles so they can run at high speeds for longer periods of time.

Pace runners need to be in great shape so they can do this type of workout several times per week with minimal risk for injury or illness.

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