Caesar Cipher: ROT13

What is Rot13?

Rot13 (rotate by thirteen letters) is a message-encryption algorithm that rotates the letters of a message in alphabetical order. For example, from "dog" to "qbt", from "helmet" to "uryzrg". When the algorithm is applied to a message, the text it generates appears unintelligible.

Rot13 is most commonly used on IRC networks and on internet forums.

How to Use Rot13

Rot13, short for "rotate by thirteen letters" is a simple and effective way to scramble a message without having to use a complex encryption algorithm.

It may seem like a simple way to encrypt data, but while it may be easy to encrypt your message using the Caesar cipher, it can be somewhat difficult and tedious to decipher. Rot13 is often used in chatrooms and other online communication platforms because it’s relatively quick and easy.

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