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JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It's a way of formatting data in a language that all modern web browsers can read. It's important to learn JSON because it will help you communicate with websites, apps, databases, etc in a standard way. One of the main benefits of JSON is that it allows you to easily create and read complex objects in a standard way.

It is a lightweight, text-based format to represent data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs (i.e. key-value pairs). JSON was developed in 2001 by Douglas Crockford, and its syntax is derived from the object literal notation in JavaScript.

JSON has become one of the most popular formats for data exchange between applications, especially with its support across all major programming languages. It is currently the most misunderstood of the web-standard formats, but it shouldn't be because JSON is really easy to use.

JSON is a popular, open standard file format commonly used to store and transmit data. It is often used instead of XML because JSON is easier to read and write due to the lack of unnecessary punctuation and formatting. JSON can be read by humans; it is easy for machines to parse and generate; and it has less overhead than XML, making it faster.

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