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What is an IP Subnet?

An IP subnet is a group of computers all connected to the same network. Subnets are used for large networks that have many different hosts. Subnets are often used in large organizations where networks are broken up into smaller logical small networks based on department, business unit, or geography. IP subnetting has only been around since the mid-1980s so it is a fairly new technology, but it is now used by all major internet service providers and networking hardware manufacturers.

IP subnetting is a process of dividing an IP network into smaller segments to improve the efficiency and manageability of the network. Subnetting allows for increased numbers of networks, which can be easily configured and allocated, and provides a way to group and control traffic. The most common use case for subnetting is creating a larger number of smaller networks from a single, larger network to meet the needs of various departments in the company.

One way to understand it is to think about Internet Protocol (IP) address as a fingerprint. A computer’s IP address identifies itself on the network and does not change over time or between different computers on the network. The internet works on this principle too - every computer has a unique IP address so no two computers can ever have the same IP address unless they are physically connected via a cable or wireless

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