Lightning is a very interesting phenomenon that can be observed in nature. It is a result of the build-up of electrical charges, which makes it difficult to predict lightning strikes.

Lightning is one of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring natural wonders. It is also a hazard to people and machines. For example, one strike can stop an engine of a car or boat or even lead to death in extreme situations.

There are many human activities that may lead to lightning strikes. For instance, when lightning strikes, it is assumed that the strike originates from a cloud but this is not always true as thunderstorms are often caused by the interaction of updrafts and downdrafts within cumulonimbus clouds (the giant clouds that produce rain). If you want to be safe during a thunderstorm, avoid open spaces such as fields or lawns and stay inside where there are metal objects like telephone wires, bridges, and power lines as they have a higher probability of being struck by lightning.

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