Cylinder & Rectangular Prism Area/Volume Calculator


Radius :

Height :

Volume is {{pi * heightc * (radiusc * radiusc)| number:3}}

Surface Area is {{2 * pi * radiusc * heightc + 2 * pi * (radiusc * radiusc)| number:3}}

Surface Area of Top is {{pi * (radiusc * radiusc)| number:3}}

Surface Area of Top and Bottom is {{2* pi * (radiusc * radiusc)| number:3}}

Surface Area of side is {{2* pi * radiusc * heightc| number:3}}

Rectangular Prism

Length :

Width :

Height :

Volume is {{lengthb * heightb * widthb| number:3}}

Surface Area Total is {{2*(widthb * lengthb + heightb * lengthb + heightb * widthb)| number:3}}

A cylinder is a three-dimensional geometric figure. It is an object bounded by two circular ends that are of equal radius or diameter.

A cylinder is somewhat like a cone in that it has circular ends and surfaces, but unlike a cone, it can be oriented so that its circular sections are parallel to the ground.

A rectangular prism (cuboid) is a three-dimensional geometric shape that has six faces, all of which are rectangles.

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