Reduce Fraction To Simplest Form

This calculator reduces a fraction to its simplest form.

input: [numerator, denominator] output: [newNumerator, newDenominator] Eg: [45, 120] --> [3, 8]

In mathematics, the fraction is a way to represent parts of a whole. A fraction can be simplified by dividing the numerator and denominator by a common factor. Fractions are often used in allocating a whole entity into tiny portions or subsets such as in sharing food, distributing funds, etc.

A fraction is a representation of parts of a whole. This definition holds for complex fractions as well as simple fractions. In order for a fraction to be simplified, the numerator and denominator have to be divided by a common factor.

Fractions are often confusing for people because they are not what most people realize they use in everyday life. However, fractions are important for many of the math problems that one encounters in daily life. There are many ways to simplify fractions, but some methods are more straightforward than others.

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