Password Generator

Think of your password like an old-fashioned safe. The more combinations you use, the more difficult it is for thieves to open it.

Many people forget to create strong passwords, and as a result, their accounts are hacked. Strong passwords should consist of 8-16 characters that include at least one uppercase letter (e.g.ABCDEF), lowercase letter (e.g. abcdef), number (e.g. 12345), and symbol (e.g., !@#$%).

Every day, we hear stories of people who have had their accounts hacked and credit card numbers stolen because they used the same password for all their accounts. It can be disastrous if your email account is hacked, as this may give the hackers access to confidential information.

For the most part, internet users are unaware of the reality that they could be hacked at any moment. With all of our personal information floating around on social media platforms and numerous online retailers, it can be easy for people’s information to be stolen due to weak password usage. One way to fend off hackers is by having a complex password that is difficult to figure out. This is where password generators come in handy.

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