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What is a text file?

A text file is a file containing characters of a language arranged in a specific order, typically computer-readable.

Text files contain content that can be changed by the user by adding/removing/rearranging text.

The Importance of Text Files & Why the File Size Matters

Text files are the most common file type for many reasons. They are easy to edit, share, and use from anywhere.

Text files can not only be used as a document but also as a storage device and transfer mechanism. Many companies use them to save their data and back it up over different locations or servers.

The size limit of text files is typically between 10MB-10GB depending on the software or platform you are saving them with.

Choosing a Format for Your Text File and How to Quickly Create a File in that Format

A text editor is an application that allows users to edit plain text files, which are used in most operating systems. It can also be used for creating new files. Text editors are often integrated with file managers, so they may be accessed by clicking on a directory or folder in the file manager or through drag-and-drop operations.

Text editors typically have some default formatting options that allow you to quickly create content in specific formats, such as TXT, RTF (Rich Text Format), and HTML (HyperText Markup Language). These default formatting options are generally the same across most text editors. As such, learning how to use these formatting options is important when editing your documents or creating your documents using a text editor.

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