Random Serial Number Generator

Serial numbers are a tool used to uniquely identify products or assets. They are sometimes referred to as SN, S/N, or Serial Number. A serial number is a unique identifier that can be traced back to the manufacturer and item registration date. When a company sells a product, it will often include the serial number on the product in order to track it. 

Serial numbers are used to identify unique items. They are vital to both consumers and businesses for many reasons. For consumers, serial numbers are important to have on products that they purchase due to theft or loss. It is also helpful in the event that a warranty needs to be claimed. Serial numbers assist the manufacturer in tracking the products they create. Tracking their products allows them to determine if there is a need for changes or recalls.

Serial numbers are also typically used on products to differentiate items on the same production line. They are often used on items such as books, DVDs, CDs, and software boxes. In order for a serial number to be valid, it should typically contain a minimum of 3 digits.

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